Square Enix Omake

A number of Square Enix tankobon came out last month, so I got a couple of omake with them.

At Toranoana, Volume 7 of Arachnid came with a 8-page booklet of character sketches:

Volume 2 of Horimiya came with a postcard at the Yurindo bookstore chain:

Volume 8 of Inuboku came with a Chiyo-tan postcard at Toranoana. At Animate, Gangan Joker magazine came with a Zange postcard.

The text on Chiyo-tan’s postcard says “Thank you for buying Inuboku 8!” “Ririchiyo looking like an Arabian dancer” “She apparently is embarrassed”. The text on Zange’s postcard says “Thank you for your purchase!” “Butler Zange” “What would you like me to do?”

Volume 19 of Pandora Hearts came with an illustration card at Animate:

The text says “Thank you for buying Volume 19!” “A cool nii-san isn’t nii-san at all”.