Kyoto Subway Bishojo Posters

Kyoto subway began a “Let’s ride the subway” promotion using bishojo characters in 2013. The main character is Moe Uzumasa, a 2nd-year in senior high who rides the subway to her school. Her name comes from Uzumasa Tenjigangawa station.

Saki Matsugasaki lives near Matsugasaki station. She’s a childhood friend of Moe and is a member of the track club.

Misa Ono lives near Ono station. She’s another childhood friend of Moe and plays guitar in the k-on club.

Moe’s elder sister Rei appears in “the last train will run half an hour later than usual on Fridays” poster.

Fushimi Inari Shrine

I made my first visit to Fushimi Inari shrine during my Kyoto trip. Fushimi Inari is the head shrine of the 30,000 Inari shrines in Japan. The Inari kami was enshrined in this mountain in 711 AD and is the kami of abundant harvest, thriving business, well-being of one’s family, and wish fulfillment.

A black guardian fox sits next to the first torii. This fox is holding a golden rice stalk in its mouth. The rice stalk represents abundant harvest.

Beyond the second torii is the “Roumon”, a two-story gate with a roof.

The guardian fox on the right is holding an orb in its mouth. The orb represents the inari kami’s soul. Note that the black guardian fox above has a golden orb sitting on its tail.

Guardian foxes hold keys and scrolls in addition to rice stalks and orbs. The key unlocks the powers of the inari kami. The scrolls represent the inari kami’s words and is said to represent wisdom.

The two kanji inscribed on the base mean the guardian fox was dedicated to this shrine.

The famous “thousand torii” is a tunnel of torii donated by companies, associations and individuals. Donation for the smallest torii is 175,000 yen.

One of the last guardian foxes I saw had a real rice stalk tied around its neck:

These two kanji also mean that the guardian fox was dedicated to this shrine.

Keihan x Sound! Euphonium collab

When I went to Kyoto last week, I headed for Byodoin temple the first day. The Keihan line is doing a collab with Sound! Euphonium, and I found this panel at Rokujizo station (this is the closest station to their senior high):

Uji station had these panels on display, as Kumiko and Reina lives near here:

The panels will be on display until Dec. 27.

Pandora Hearts Mural

The Pandora Hearts mural Mochizuki-sensei drew for the manuscript exhibit in Kokura is on display at animate Shibuya until Nov. 20. The mural is 2m x 3m (6.6ft x 9.8ft):

Above the mural was a “Pandora Hearts is complete” illustration of Alice and Gil:

And a “Thank you for coming” illustration of rabbit-eared Oz.

So Cute Furoku

So Cute has ended with the current issue of Sho-Comi. The series will be 15 volumes total, with volume 14 coming out next month and volume 15 in January.

A “memorial book” comes with this issue. The book contains color illustrations, character profiles, and an interview with Ikeyamada-sensei. The book mentions that the 3DS game script is supervised by Ikeyamada-sensei, and takes place during October~March of Mego and Mitsuru’s 1st year.

A side story featuring Mitsuru and Azusa will be published in the Dec. 19 issue of Sho-Comi.

Kamisama Kiss 19

Is also out.

Volume 22 came out in August here. Volume 23 is scheduled for a December release.

The limited editions of vols 23, 24, 25 will come with anime DVDs of the past arc continuing from limited edition of vol 22.

Setsugetsuka – Japan Comic Art

Vanilla Gallery‘s current exhibit is “Setsugetsuka – Japan Comic art”. This exhibit is being held to coincide with the publication of “Japan Erotic Comic art Eros x Fetishism”

The artbook features the following artists:

Usamaru Furuya
Asumiko Nakamura
Hiroaki Samura
Shinichi Sakamoto
Naoki Yamamoto
Suehiro Maruo
Shoji Oki

Interviews, drawing processes of a particular work, and a peek into the workplace are included as well.

Works on display were mostly color works such as magazine covers and tankobon/chapter covers. A number of autographed reproduction prints were on sale from about 10,000 yen up. Samura-sensei’s pencil drawing originals were priced around 240,000 yen.

Pandora Hearts animate extra

Just realized I never posted the illustrations sheets that came with Volumes 23 and 24:

The animate-only version of Volume 24 comes with a booklet that includes all the “Pandora Haachu” that was drawn for the special versions of past tankobons, together with Mochizuki-sensei’s comments. There’re rough sketches that were never used (like Oz’s twitter timeline and LINE messages between Oswald and Jack)

The booklet ends with a short manga that includes what couldn’t be done in the manga, such as Oswald punching Levi and Break and Sharon dancing together.