Ama-no-iwato Shrine

I once visited Ama-no-iwato Shrine in Miyazaki prefecture on my way to Kurokawa Onsen. The shrine consists of two separate shrines. Ama-no-iwato itself is enshrined in the West Shrine, and Amaterasu, the sun kami is enshrined in the East Shrine. The Iwato river separates the two shrines.

I visited the West Shrine. I went to the shrine office and asked to be shown to Ama-no-iwato, as it is hidden behind the hall of worship. A Shinto priest let us in after purifying us first. We were asked not to photograph the iwato, as it is sacred territory. The iwato has collapsed now, but what looked like its remains were visible.

There’s a large cavern with a shrine inside a short walk from the Ama-no-iwato. The riverbed there is the Ama-no-yasu-gawara. All the kami gathered here to discuss how to get Amaterasu out of Ama-no-iwato so light returns to the world.

 Ama no iwato Shrine

Over the years, visiting pilgrims have piled stones on the way to the cavern.

 Ama no iwato Shrine

There’re numerous spots related to Japanese myths in Takachiho. Manai Falls in Takachiho Gorge is one of them:

 Ama no iwato Shrine

According to myths, a kami brought some water from the skies when he descended to the human world as there was no water where he descended. Ame-no-manai is known as the place where spring water then gushed out, flowing to Manai Falls.

Here’re photos of the gorge itself:

 Ama no iwato Shrine

 Ama no iwato Shrine

Pandora Hearts Alternate Cover

The current issue of GFantasy magazine comes with an alternate cover for Vol. 22. This is a new illustration.

 Pandora Hearts Alternate Cover

At animate, the tankobon came with this illustration sheet:

 Pandora Hearts Alternate Cover

The text is the usual “Thank you for buying this volume” message, and

“Break, right after Shelly-sama cut his hair short.”
This doesn’t feel right…..

The next volume will be the final volume (ノ_・。)

Saturn Apartments: Five Years Later

The “What the characters are doing five years later” that was published in the Saturn Apartments doujinshi is also now available on Iwaoka-sensei’s blog. Iwaoka-sensei has graciously given me permission to post a complete translation of this, so here goes.

What they’re doing now
(Around the time of “in the loft”)

Kibi and Mom
Mom has begun to live with a cat after taking care of Miyuki, Sachi’s cat. Kibi is a little sad about Makoto getting married, but she’s working hard…she’s become tough.

Sachi and Makoto
They quarrel but get along fine.

The octopus T-shirt became a mega-hit because Mitsu was wearing it in the video broadcast from the surface. Returns to the company as corporate advisor but not as an executive. Commutes from the lower levels

Argo developers
The two return to the college research lab with Sohta. They apparently have the freedom to do what they want.

Becomes an engineer at her father’s company and does her work thoroughly. Tells Mitsu she likes him.

Evil Megane
Manages to escape and is waiting for the next opportunity…maybe.

Still looks the same.

This one too!

He hasn’t changed much either.

Sohta and Kayo
Sohta is fine, although he has a scar on his right forehead and has seriously injured in right hand. The two have a son and are considering having another child.

Mosshi’s girlfriend
She’s in contact with Morishita’s family, and is taking a step forward in her life as well.

Returns as a window washer at the urgings of his colleagues after the power plant accident review is complete and rebuilding can begin. He still eats eggs. “Boiled eggs are best…”

At the watering hole…
Tamachi: Makoto, you’ve already had too much to drink.
Makoto: (Mumble) I’ve got something to tell you…(Mumble) About my wedding… (Mumble mumble)

Aspiring to succeed Sachi and become an inspector, partly because she’s always admired window washers. Attached to Mitsu.

Has grown big after a lot of this and that have happened. Will begin to take notice of Fuyu…someday?

Saturn Apartments Bonus Manga

The short story that was published in the Saturn Apartments doujinshi is now available on Iwaoka-sensei’s blog. Iwaoka-sensei has graciously given me permission to post a brief plot summary here, so here goes.

The story takes place after the surface investigation team has come to get Mitsu. He’s now at the team base.

Mitsu tells the team about his father’s accident and asks whether any of his belongings are left. Aki’s body was buried where he fell, but part of his life-support system, his pass, and two photos had been kept, as the investigation team keeps track of items that fall to the surface.

One of the photos is of Mitsu’s mother. The other photo is of Aki holding the baby Mitsu. Mitsu now realizes there’s no way his father would’ve cut his rope by his own will, leaving the young Mitsu behind.

When a staff asks Mitsu what he’d do if he could keep staying on the surface, heasks whether there’d be no upper or lower levels when people return to live on the surface. The staff respond that everyone will be equal by then, that they want that to happen.

Mitsu then decides to return to the ring so he can protect it until it rusts away, until the day when people can live on the surface once more.

I have also received permission to translate the “What They’re Doing Five Years Later” pages in full, so I’ll post that here when I’m done.