Pandora Hearts Alternate Cover

The current issue of GFantasy magazine comes with an alternate cover for Vol. 22. This is a new illustration.

 Pandora Hearts Alternate Cover

At animate, the tankobon came with this illustration sheet:

 Pandora Hearts Alternate Cover

The text is the usual “Thank you for buying this volume” message, and

“Break, right after Shelly-sama cut his hair short.”
This doesn’t feel right…..

The next volume will be the final volume (ノ_・。)

Saturn Apartments: Five Years Later

The “What the characters are doing five years later” that was published in the Saturn Apartments doujinshi is also now available on Iwaoka-sensei’s blog. Iwaoka-sensei has graciously given me permission to post a complete translation of this, so here goes.

What they’re doing now
(Around the time of “in the loft”)

Kibi and Mom
Mom has begun to live with a cat after taking care of Miyuki, Sachi’s cat. Kibi is a little sad about Makoto getting married, but she’s working hard…she’s become tough.

Sachi and Makoto
They quarrel but get along fine.

The octopus T-shirt became a mega-hit because Mitsu was wearing it in the video broadcast from the surface. Returns to the company as corporate advisor but not as an executive. Commutes from the lower levels

Argo developers
The two return to the college research lab with Sohta. They apparently have the freedom to do what they want.

Becomes an engineer at her father’s company and does her work thoroughly. Tells Mitsu she likes him.

Evil Megane
Manages to escape and is waiting for the next opportunity…maybe.

Still looks the same.

This one too!

He hasn’t changed much either.

Sohta and Kayo
Sohta is fine, although he has a scar on his right forehead and has seriously injured in right hand. The two have a son and are considering having another child.

Mosshi’s girlfriend
She’s in contact with Morishita’s family, and is taking a step forward in her life as well.

Returns as a window washer at the urgings of his colleagues after the power plant accident review is complete and rebuilding can begin. He still eats eggs. “Boiled eggs are best…”

At the watering hole…
Tamachi: Makoto, you’ve already had too much to drink.
Makoto: (Mumble) I’ve got something to tell you…(Mumble) About my wedding… (Mumble mumble)

Aspiring to succeed Sachi and become an inspector, partly because she’s always admired window washers. Attached to Mitsu.

Has grown big after a lot of this and that have happened. Will begin to take notice of Fuyu…someday?

Saturn Apartments Bonus Manga

The short story that was published in the Saturn Apartments doujinshi is now available on Iwaoka-sensei’s blog. Iwaoka-sensei has graciously given me permission to post a brief plot summary here, so here goes.

The story takes place after the surface investigation team has come to get Mitsu. He’s now at the team base.

Mitsu tells the team about his father’s accident and asks whether any of his belongings are left. Aki’s body was buried where he fell, but part of his life-support system, his pass, and two photos had been kept, as the investigation team keeps track of items that fall to the surface.

One of the photos is of Mitsu’s mother. The other photo is of Aki holding the baby Mitsu. Mitsu now realizes there’s no way his father would’ve cut his rope by his own will, leaving the young Mitsu behind.

When a staff asks Mitsu what he’d do if he could keep staying on the surface, heasks whether there’d be no upper or lower levels when people return to live on the surface. The staff respond that everyone will be equal by then, that they want that to happen.

Mitsu then decides to return to the ring so he can protect it until it rusts away, until the day when people can live on the surface once more.

I have also received permission to translate the “What They’re Doing Five Years Later” pages in full, so I’ll post that here when I’m done.

Pandora Hearts Chapter Titles

FYI, here’re the translations of the Japanese titles for Vol. 20:

LXXIX: Never-ending Rain
LXXX: The Whereabouts of the Sunny Spot
LXXXI: Protectors
LXXXII: Cursing Words
Extra episode: Alike but Different

Vol. 22 is scheduled to come out Apr. 26 here.

Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit, Part 3

Here’s what the rest of the second room looked like.

 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit, Part 3

The complete set of “support the new Miss University” posters were on display along with a number of storyboards.

 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit, Part 3

This illustration is above the Oikawa poster. The text says “I’m not bunny. I’m Oikawa, who likes middle-aged men!”, with Oryzae responding “Oh”.

 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit, Part 3

This illustration of Professor Itsuki was placed between the Oikawa and Yuuki posters.

Ishikawa-sensei had drawn the professor and his students on the last wall.

 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit, Part 3

 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit, Part 3

There was a video of sensei drawing this illustration. Apparently he changed into different clothes while drawing, and I was watching the video when he’s dressed like Kei.

 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit, Part 3

The note stuck on the TV said “It took five hours total. I’m dressed in all sorts of costumes, but they’re all me. Even Kei is me. Too bad!”

Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit, Part 2

Part two of the exhibit was the interactive play zone. There were plushies hanging everywhere in this room:

 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit, Part 2

“Magic lights” were available in this room so you could shine them on drawings and find the hidden bacteria:

 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit, Part 2

There were two games you could play on the walls. The first game was the “bacteria comes after you” game, where bacteria displayed on the game area would move toward any shadows that appeared within the game area:

 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit, Part 2

Oryzae and company surrounded me as I approached with my camera.

 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit, Part 2

Here I tried the “bacteria, gather here!” like Sawaki does.

The other game was the “make fermented food” game. The objective of this game was to match the correct bacteria and food ingredient to make various fermented food such as miso and sake.

 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit, Part 2

Here the cheese is done, and the correct bacteria is being moved towards the soybeans.

(to be continued)

Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit

Last week I went to see the “Spring Moyashimon Exhibit in Kachidoki”. The exhibit was held to coincide with the publication of the final Moyashimon tankobon.

The exhibit space is in a warehouse in Kachidoki. There was a sign right before I passed by the warehouse:

moyashi1 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit

As I got out of the elevator, I was greeted by the students in swimsuits and the school flag:

moyashi2 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit
moyashi3 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit

Part one of the exhibit was the manuscripts exhibit, about 60 manuscripts total. B&W manuscripts from various volumes were on display, with a number of comments by Ishikawa-sensei. Color illustrations included tankobon and magazine covers, and color manuscripts from the beginning of chapters. Manuscripts from the final volume were not displayed to avoid spoilers.

You could photograph anything in the exhibit space, including the manuscripts, so here’re three of them:

moyashi4 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit

This manuscript is from the harvest festival. The post-it says “The spoken lines are pasted by hand, so they sometimes fall off”.

moyashi5 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit

This one is from when Sawaki and company are in New Orleans. The post-it here says “I do not err as I hate correction fluid. I do use them if I make mistakes though.”

moyashi6 Moyashimon Manuscripts Exhibit

This magazine cover illustration was used for last year’s Oktoberfest in Tokyo Dome, so you can see the logo design drafts in pencil.

(to be continued)

Black Butler Manuscripts Exhibit

Last week I went to see the Black Butler manuscripts exhibit.

Color illustrations included tankobon works (front/back covers and frontispieces), magazine covers, chapter covers and color manuscript pages from the beginning of chapters. Most color illustrations were displayed side-by-side with their
b&w drafts.

A number of illustrations with overlapping characters consisted of more than one b&w drafts. For example, there was a draft each of Sebastian, Ciel, and the entire background for a work featuring the two with an intricate background.

B&W manuscripts included the very beginning of the series, Sebastian seducing Beast in the circus arc, and Grelle and Sebastian battling in the Madam Red arc.

Four costumes from the stage version were on display, including Ciel’s pink dress. Other items on display were props Toboso-sensei had bought as research material, such as Charles Grey’s rapier, a cricket bat, and Baldo’s goggles.

Last were a number of scene drawings such as the exterior of the manor house, how the tents are placed on the circus ground, and the inner structure of the Campania.

Manuscripts of the work that won a Square Enix prize, the debut one-shot and RustBlaster were on display as well.

I’d bought an advance ticket and got a set of buttons on entry. Ciel and Sebastian’s drawings are watercolor works drawn for this exhibit.

BBgenga1 Black Butler Manuscripts Exhibit

The 32-page exhibit pamphet contains a number of exhibited manga/anime/stage manuscripts with Toboso-sensei’s comments. There’s also a “how the cover illustration was created” article showing how the color illustration was drawn, broken down in 27 steps.

A Sebastian bookmark with a black ribbon came with the pamphlet. (I’ll probably never use it though.)

BBgenga2 Black Butler Manuscripts Exhibit

The exhibit will be held in Osaka and Fukuoka as well. Here’s the official exhibit blog.