Pandora Hearts Chapter Titles

FYI, here’re the translations of the Japanese titles for Vol. 22:

LXXXVIII: Hermit’s Question
LXXXVIX: A Divided Sound
XC: Closing Bell
XCI: Lurking Eyes
XCII: Each of Their Ways

Volume 23 and 24, the third and last fanbook “PandoraHearts Official Guide24+1 Last Dance!” and the second artbook “PandoraHearts There is.” are all scheduled to come out sometime this spring.

Black Butler Character Popularity Poll

A terribly belated new year – it’ll be March next week!

A character popularity poll for Black Butler is being held to celebrate the series running for 100 episodes. Voting is done using the special postcard that comes with Volume 20:

You can vote for your favorite character and favorite story arc. Sebastian says “If you have a message, do write it in the fireplace”.

Toboso-sensei will draw a one-shot featuring the top six characters, as well as the No.7~No.10, No.16, No.26, No.36, No.46, No.56, and No.66 characters. The poll results will be published in the June issue of GFantasy magazine.

Murcielago Giveaway

Young Gangan magazine held a twitter campaign to celebrate the reprints of Murcielago, and I was one of the lucky winners. The prize was a big cardboard sign (about 60cm wide) created to advertise the series at bookstores. Yoshimura-sensei has autographed the front:

And drawn Kuroko and SD Hinako on the back:

Kyoto Gardens

I love visiting Japanese gardens when I travel. This time I first went to Shinsen-en, which is right by Nijo Castle. Emperor Kanmu had this garden created in 794, the year the capital was re-located to Kyoto.

The garden was named Shinsen-en (“kami”-“spring”-“garden”) because water keeps gushing out from the spring. There’s a restaurant by the lake, and you can eat in the dragon boat as well:

There was a beautiful Japanese rock garden at Komyouin temple, a subtemple of Tofukuji:

Tofukuji itself has an abbot’s hall with gardens on all four sides. The east garden has stone pillars placed in the form of the Big Dipper:

The north garden is a combination of moss and checkered azaleas:

And more checkered azaleas on the north:

Kyoto Autumn Foliage

Our main destination was Tofukuji temple, one of the many famous (and crowded!) temples where you can see autumn leaves. The best viewing spot here is a bridge over a river gorge:

Most of the autumn foliage is located near the river. We were only able to go around the middle of the temple grounds (as it is so huge), but we did manage to see trees after trees in various shades of red, orange and yellow:

Kyoto Photos

Last week I went to Kyoto to see the autumn foliage at a number of temples. There were crowds of tourists everywhere, but the autumn leaves were beautiful.

We went to Kinkakuji temple the first day. The afternoon sun made the temple gold reflect beautifully on the garden lake:

Here’s a shot from the back of the lake:

And scarlet-tinged leaves on the way out of the garden: