Setsugetsuka – Japan Comic Art

Vanilla Gallery‘s current exhibit is “Setsugetsuka – Japan Comic art”. This exhibit is being held to coincide with the publication of “Japan Erotic Comic art Eros x Fetishism”

The artbook features the following artists:

Usamaru Furuya
Asumiko Nakamura
Hiroaki Samura
Shinichi Sakamoto
Naoki Yamamoto
Suehiro Maruo
Shoji Oki

Interviews, drawing processes of a particular work, and a peek into the workplace are included as well.

Works on display were mostly color works such as magazine covers and tankobon/chapter covers. A number of autographed reproduction prints were on sale from about 10,000 yen up. Samura-sensei’s pencil drawing originals were priced around 240,000 yen.

Pandora Hearts animate extra

Just realized I never posted the illustrations sheets that came with Volumes 23 and 24:

The animate-only version of Volume 24 comes with a booklet that includes all the “Pandora Haachu” that was drawn for the special versions of past tankobons, together with Mochizuki-sensei’s comments. There’re rough sketches that were never used (like Oz’s twitter timeline and LINE messages between Oswald and Jack)

The booklet ends with a short manga that includes what couldn’t be done in the manga, such as Oswald punching Levi and Break and Sharon dancing together.

Pandora Hearts Fanbook 3

The third and last Pandora Hearts official fanbook, “Pandora Hearts Official Guide 24+1 –Last Dance!-” came out together with the second artbook.

The fanbook contains the results of the character poll, like scenes that made you smile/cry, favorite character/character pairs, messages to the characters and to Mochizuki-sensei. There’re Q&A sections where Mochizuki-sensei replies to readers’ questions as well.

There’re charts explaining all the mysteries in the manga, such as what really happened in Sablier, and why Noise and Echo reside in the same body.

Anime-related material features a talk with between Mochizuki-sensei and Chizuru Kobayashi (character design) and with Junko Minagawa (who played Oz)

The fanbook ends with three bonus stories. The first features Elliot shortly after Gilbert is taken in by the Nightrays. The other two stories take place after the end of the manga.

The animate extra was an illustration sheet featuring Gilbert:

Pandora Hearts Artbook 2

The second Pandora Hearts artbook, “There is.” came out last week.

This volume contains over 280 illustrations (no rough sketches this time). Color illustrations include tankobon covers/frontispieces (including the final two volumes), tankobon covers for the special editions, past calendar and novel cover illustrations, and GFantasy magazine covers/furoku.

New illustrations drawn for the artbook include Gil and Vince after the final episode, and the Pandora characters passing the baton to the next series.

At animate, the extra is a hardcase book cover:

Black Butler Artbook 2

The second artbook and volume 21 came out last week. This time there’re red ribbons inside the covers so you can tie the book shut with them.

This volume covers the Conan Doyle and the luxury passenger liner arcs. Color illustrations include tankobon covers/frontispieces and chapter color covers (including color manga in the beginning of several chapters), and GFantasy magazine covers/furoku.

DVD jacket illustrations and other anime-related illustrations for the first two TV anime series are also included.

New illustrations drawn for the artbook include the artbook cover and Lau and Ran-Mao drawn in Georges Barbier style.

At animate, the artbook came with a B5-size plastic illustration sheet of Sebastian. Volume 21 came with a Ciel illustration, and the two form one picture:

Rakuen Le Paradis Exhibit

Hakusensha’s “Rakuen Le Paradis” magazine is currently holding a manuscript exhibit at animate Shinjuku, so I went to take a look. There were about 50 b&w manuscripts on display, a page each from a manga series.

Several sensei’s favorite drawing items were also on display, such as pens, correction fluids, gloves to prevent smudging, and particular brands of notebooks for sketching storyboards.

A number of event-only items and color manuscript reproductions were on sale. Reproductions were priced around 15000-21000 yen, delivered framed and autographed.

There were doodles on a wall as well. Shigisawa Kaya’s doodle was drawn on the bottom of the wall so the character is leaning on a outlet. Kurosaki Rendou’s typical female senior high girl was drawn near the top of the wall so she looks like she’s being hung from the ceiling.

No information yet about whether this exhibit will be held at other animate branches.

Pandora Hearts Chapter Titles

FYI, here’re the translations of the Japanese titles for Vol. 22:

LXXXVIII: Hermit’s Question
LXXXVIX: A Divided Sound
XC: Closing Bell
XCI: Lurking Eyes
XCII: Each of Their Ways

Volume 23 and 24, the third and last fanbook “PandoraHearts Official Guide24+1 Last Dance!” and the second artbook “PandoraHearts There is.” are all scheduled to come out sometime this spring.

Black Butler Character Popularity Poll

A terribly belated new year – it’ll be March next week!

A character popularity poll for Black Butler is being held to celebrate the series running for 100 episodes. Voting is done using the special postcard that comes with Volume 20:

You can vote for your favorite character and favorite story arc. Sebastian says “If you have a message, do write it in the fireplace”.

Toboso-sensei will draw a one-shot featuring the top six characters, as well as the No.7~No.10, No.16, No.26, No.36, No.46, No.56, and No.66 characters. The poll results will be published in the June issue of GFantasy magazine.